Have A Feature You Dislike? Two Reasons Why You Should Consider Having Cosmetic Surgery

If you have a feature that you aren't too fond of, you may have resigned yourself to simply living with it.  It could be a nose that is crooked due to a childhood accident or eyes that droop due to age.  Whatever it may be, you could have the opportunity to fix it with cosmetic surgery.  Although you may not have considered getting plastic surgery yourself, it may be time to revisit this notion. [Read More]

Three Benefits Of Inventory Services For Hospitals

Many hospitals are implementing inventory services as a way to track their inventory. Often, this is done using some sort of computer program or scanning device. If your hospital doesn't yet have inventory services or systems in place, you may be wondering what the benefits are to using one. Here are three of the top benefits. Allows You to Accurately Track What Items Are in the Hospital Believe it or not, but many hospitals don't know exactly what types of devices or medical equipment they even own. [Read More]

Don't Let Peyronies Disease Destroy Your Relationship: 3 Steps To Help You And Your Partner Overcome The Disease

If you've been diagnosed with Peyronies Disease, you may be struggling with the diagnosis – particularly the pain that can accompany it during intercourse. You might also be afraid to discuss the disease with your partner, especially if it's a new relationship. While Peyronies Disease can make sexual intercourse difficult, it doesn't have to put an end to intimacy. If you're afraid to that Peyronies Disease is going to destroy your relationship, you don't have to be. [Read More]

Differences To Consider When Choosing The Best Straight-Tip Catheter

When most people first learn that they are going to have to start using a catheter at home, they are handed a prescription from their physician, and just pick up whatever the pharmacy or medical supply store provides without asking questions. Even though it is easy to assume that a catheter is a catheter, no matter the type or brand, this is actually not true at all. In fact, straight-tip catheters can vary greatly according to the manufacturer, because each one is designed with different features and selling points. [Read More]