What Might Happen When You See Your Oncologist For The First Time

A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming, and it may leave you wondering what your future will be like in treatment. Once you get a diagnosis of cancer, your family doctor will probably want you to see an oncologist right away. Time can be critically important in some cases, so don't delay your first oncologist visit. Here's what you can expect. A Review Of Your Symptoms And History Your family doctor may forward your history and results of cancer testing to the oncologist so they can look the data over before your first meeting. [Read More]

Tips For Healthy And Sustainable Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Life will never be the same again after you become a parent. But that's a good thing. Of course, there's something from your old life that you want back, and that's your pre-pregnancy body. Losing weight after having a baby doesn't have to be an arduous task, and certainly isn't anything that should cause you stress. Stress can be avoided if you set realistic expectations and lose weight in a way that's both physically and emotionally healthy. [Read More]

6 Things You Should Not Assume Regarding Colonoscopy Procedures

Having routine colonoscopies done is an important thing you can do to protect your health. Don't make inaccurate assumptions about colonoscopies that could compromise your health.  Read more below about six things you should not assume regarding the colonoscopy procedure.  Colonoscopies are always very painful. Although a colonoscopy procedure may involve some discomfort, your doctor can offer numerous options that can keep you as comfortable as possible during your colonoscopy appointment. [Read More]

Important Things Covered In Stroke Education Certification Courses For Nurses

If you work as a nurse, there are a lot of medical conditions you need to know how to treat. Strokes are at the top of that list and there are actually certification courses you can take for this condition in particular. If you make it through one, you'll get the opportunity to learn a lot of important things. Fall Prevention When someone has a stroke, they may be more susceptible to falls because of neurological problems they're currently dealing with. [Read More]