Tips For Success With Mental Health Medication

The decision to take medication for improved mental health can be a difficult one.  However, if your doctor has recommended a medication, you can help to ensure successful treatment with the right approach.  Follow a few simple tips to work with your doctor to find the right balance of medication, dosage, and other treatments for the best quality of life.  Be Consistent.  Mental health medications work best when they are taken consistently and in direct accordance with your doctor's instructions. [Read More]

How To Get the Best and Safest Pedicure

If you want to get your feet presentable for the upcoming summer season, you have probably thought about getting a pedicure. If you feel a little unsure about how safe it is to get a pedicure, here is some information about pedicures and nail salons, along with some tips for getting a safe pedicure, that will help you to make wise decisions about the safety and hygiene of your feet. You will feel much better about getting a pedicure after you read this. [Read More]

The 4 Best Non-Surgical Back Pain Options

According to Science Daily,  an estimated 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. With causes including sitting for long periods, poor posture and even stomach sleeping, back pain is one of the most common prolonged conditions. Your doctor may prescribe painkillers or even suggest surgery, but perhaps you would rather try a method that is neither addictive nor invasive. Exploring treatment options that may alleviate or eradicate your pain is a wise way to find the best solution for your body, your situation and your life. [Read More]

Chiropractic Care As Complementary Therapy For Crohn's Disease

You were surprised to learn that many people seek chiropractic care for health conditions that don't necessarily involve back or neck pain. As a person suffering from Crohn's disease, that's intriguing for you, as you wonder if chiropractic treatment might reduce your aggravating symptoms. There are good reasons to believe that chiropractic therapy may be helpful.  Chiropractic Care and Disease Chiropractic adjustment resolves subluxations, or alterations of the vertebral bones that occur due to injury, poor posture and general wear and tear on the body. [Read More]